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Rainbow Universe Pageants is an inner beauty pageant system for boys and girls ages 13-24 founded by National Director Cicely Majeed. This pageant system offers an opportunity for youth to compete for prizes such as sashes, crowns, tiaras, trophies, personal pampering, goodie bags and scholarships. This competition opens doors for media exposure, career opportunities, community connections, sponsorships, and scholarships. Our pre-pageant workshops give youth room to grow emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. We also have a Brainy Gals/Guys membership program that provides job and career preparation, groups, clubs, life skills, brain training, education and college preparation.

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Many youth are plagued with low self-esteem, second-guessing themselves, and settling for far less than they are worth. With the world so focused on external beauty, I wanted to turn that around and focus on inner beauty. I created this pageant system to give girls and boys tools that will give them power over their emotions, challenge them to try new things, enhance their self-esteem and build their confidence!

Check out our 9 colored wings below that correspond to the 9 colors of the rainbow and the theme for RUP! (Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Indigo, Violet, Pink, Tan, Green)

To give back and show our gratitude for those that advocate for youth, we donate 7% of our financial blessings in the amount of $50 and above to a special charity called Childhelp. You can get more information about them and their services by clicking the button below!

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"Follow Ur Rainbow", "Spread Ur Wings & Fly", & "Elevate Ur Mind!"

 Cicely Majeed, CEO/National Director (our mottos)

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Miss/Mister Spiritual Rainbow August Monthly Pageant!

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*Angelic Rainbow Enterprises & Rainbow Universe Pageants is committed to fostering a workplace that is both inclusive and representative of the communities we serve. As a diverse workplace we incorporate a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, we believe that being a diverse and inclusive organization is essential to achieving success and Client satisfaction in all of our Services and Programs. To meet these objectives, we invite all qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply and our doors are open to diverse communities (which includes our followers, viewers, members, clients/customers, associates, partners, sponsors, vendors and superheroes) without regard to race, nationality, age, creed, religion or sexual identity. Please be advised that accommodation is available upon request.  

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