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Rainbow Universe Pageants & Youth Services 

Follow Ur Rainbow....

Our Mission

We cultivate the nurturing of inner beauty through intellectual development, creative arts, self-esteem, confidence, health and wellness, emotional intelligence and mind elevation, so we can motivate youth to excellence as they embrace boldness, courage, wisdom and strength to become peaceful, calm, spiritually centered and connected, and relaxed individuals prepared to navigate adulthood and life.

View Our Goal, Vision & Commitment to the Youth Generation - click below

Rainbow Universe Pageants is an inner beauty pageant system for youth & young adults ages 13-24 founded by CEO, National Director & Pageant Coach Cicely Majeed. This pageant system offers an opportunity for youth to compete for prizes such as sashes, crowns, tiaras, trophies, personal pampering, goodie bags and scholarships. This competition opens doors for media exposure, career opportunities, community connections, sponsorships, and scholarships. Our pre-pageant workshops give youth room to grow emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. We also have a Brainy Gals/Guys membership program that provides job and career preparation, groups, clubs, life skills, brain training, education and college preparation.

Get Involved!

Volunteer, Participate, or Invest in a Youth - join our RainbowUP Village! Scan the QR code below!

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Check out our 9 colored wings below that correspond to the 9 colors of the rainbow and the theme for RUP! (Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Indigo, Violet, Pink, Tan, Green and our Rainbow Harmony wings in the middle!)

This year in 2024, to give back and show our gratitude for those that advocate for youth, we donate 7% of our financial blessings in the amount of $50 and above to a special youth organization called CCY - California Coalition for Youth where they improve and empower the lives of California's youth. They are aligned with my mission as a youth advocate. You can get more information about them and their services by clicking the button below!

Yellow Wings - Joy
yellow wings.jpg
Violet Wings - Spirituality
tan wings.jpg
violet wings.jpg
Tan Wings - Stability
red wings.jpg
Red Wings - Passion
Rainbow Wings - Harmony
Green Wings - Balance
green wings.jpg
Pink Wings - Love
pink wings.jpg
rainbow wings harmony1.jpg
Indigo Wings - Truth
indigo wings.jpg
Blue Wings - Peace
blue wings.jpg
Orange Wings - Creativity
orange wings.jpg

Upcoming Events  


Click on our "Events" webpage to get more information and to register!


Miss/Mister Angelic Rainbow Love -Valentine Preliminary

Miss/Mister Inner Beauty - February (New!)
Face of RUP- RainbowUP Spokesmodel 
(register now!)

Winter ACTIVITIES (beginning February 5th 2024)
Monologue Monday
LifeSkills FunShop
RainbowUP Comic Book Club
Wednesday Wellness Activity & Tip
Focus Group Friday
Friday Night Movie Night
Pageant Idea Club
Thoughtful Thursday
Rainbow Wings Franchise Meetup

Circle of Love Activity 
Parental Consent Meetup
Inner Beauty Tips Podcast (Thursdays)

Giveaway Thursday
Open Call Sessions
SnapChat Friday Friendship
Kickin' It Chill Wednesday
Youth Advocacy Sign Up/Q&A (adults 18+)


See Flyers for pageants on Pageants page! See other Events flyers on our Events page!

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Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday - 9am - 6pm (PST) 

Saturday  - Closed

Sunday     - Closed 

Main Toll Free Line:  1-888-699-5918

CEO's Business Cell:  805-738-7641

Fax:  424-334-1904

Email or GChat me on or you can chat with me on this website on the Rainbow Cafe webpage!


Customer Service:

RainbowUP Village Members:

See our Rainbow Cafe page for other ways to contact us!

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Angelic Rainbow Enterprises, LLC (Parent Company of RUP, SHH & THSA) - EIN #47-2943464 - DBA: ARE Rainbow Universe Pageants & Youth Services, LLC. EIN #81-0889722 - DBA: RUP & RUPYS

Sandalphon’s Heart and Home, LLC . - EIN #47-4368909 - DBA: SHH

THINKHigher Spirit Academy, LLC. - EIN #85-2414175 - DBA: THSA

Rainbow Wings Scholars, Registered Scholarship Fund - EIN #86-2477443 

RainbowUP Center 4 Youth Excellence - EIN #93-2101823 - DBA: RC4YE


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