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Check out all the love we have received for all we do for the youth generation! Our customers/clients, members, followers, viewers and associates have something to say (both youth and adult) and want you to know about it! You can spread the word too and let people know we have awesome things going on in the RUP realm of the world! If you want to let us and everyone else know what you think of RUP click the button below and "Speak Your Peace"!

​Thank You!


"I like the overall concept of Rainbow Universe Pageants & Youth Services."

Kevin E.

"Great association. Great organization with a Great Cause."

Cassi K.

"I like it because it is important to promote self-esteem in girls and boys, and prepare them for the real world but with values."

Sue DC

"I am pleased to see that our youth are in good hands. Our young people need a place of refuge, an environment conducive to growth and stability. RUP seems to be the place where they can reflect and get sound advice. This organization is the refreshing drink in the parched life of today's youth. I have not had the pleasure to attend any of the events personally but the effects it has had on the youth is apparent and very much needed. Great leadership brings great servitude

Yvette M.

"Sounds like an outstanding program for troubled youth."

Tracey T.

"This is very nice. I like this. You are doing good to give us this opportunity."

Charles N. M. 

"I think RUP will be something great for the world and we all need to stay connected with the movement."

Gregory M.

"One thing I like is I am a part of the LGBTQ community and the symbol is part of the rainbow colors. I want to know more about RUP."

Jerbee P. B.

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Below you will find connections, contacts, partners and business associates that have endorsed me in specific business industries and categories based on my expertise.


John Sternal - Director of PR & Social Media @ Merit Mile
Don Baker - Retirment Planning - Real Estate & Insurance
Nancy Hunter - Owner -  Innovative Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy
Shauntelle Noble - Small Business Marketing Manager @ Zenith Insurance Company
Kamal Keroles - President @ Babouch Moroccan Restaurant
Greg Ryan - Real Estate Agent @ REMAX/ Owner @

Alvaro Berrios - AB Digital Marketing
Gianna Miceli - Author, Speaker, Podcaster
Michael Marcial - Business Coach
Abner Rangel-Leal - Sales Operations Specialist @ GearLaunch
Shonda Brooks - Sr. Salesforce Administrator
​​Mohamed Kh - SEO Specialist, Digital marketing, Founder at Needletec.Com

Sanjiv Sadana - CEO @ Aum, Inc.
Bryan Stinson - Sales Manager @ Pixel Imaging
Christina Otto - Network Professional
Rev. Dr. Charles West - CEO/Owner/Addiction Detox Specialist @ Dream Catcher Addiction Solutions
Tamar Cohen - Executive Office Administrator/Events Coordinator

Eshagh Saeidi Robaat, Ph.D.- Philanthropist/International NLP Certified Coach/Entrepreneur/Life & Business Coach/Founder @ Mind Institution

Percival Bertrand Phillips - Visionary Entrepreneur and Inspirational Speaker

Yogesh M.A. - CEO of eMagazine
John V. Cicotte - Peace of Mind for Global Enterprises Voice/Cloud Contact Centers
Bulawah Derick - Account Manager at Societe Generale in Cameroon

Jeff Otis - Founder of Project OTY in Beaverton, OR

Rav Dr. HC Adam Chaim Jadach - Learning & Behavior Specialist @ Ambitious College
Professor M.S. Rao, Ph.D. - International Leadership Guru/Keynote Speaker/Author
Betty Twina - Free Birds Life Coach
TaQuana Logan - ATE Support@ Physician Technology Partners
Pastor Robert Bushebi - Administrator @ GBF Ministry

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