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Learn how important it is to love yourself and present your best self to the world so you can walk proud knowing you can obtain whatever your heart desires.

How many times have you walked into a room full of people, whether it be a party, a meeting, a classroom, a store, an event, a cafeteria, or pretty much anywhere where people populate and you felt insecure, uncomfortable, shy, nervous, and you basically wanted to hide? Sometimes, our confidence level is way low and we just don’t want to interact with others, sometimes we have this sinking fear that people will laugh at us or make fun of what we say, or we will look stupid doing pretty much anything in front of people. This my friends is called a lack of confidence and a lack of confidence will surely help your self-esteem plummet and make you feel like you aren’t as great as everyone else. So how can you change that? What can you do to make over your self-esteem and display an attitude of confidence everywhere you go? Ok, I’ll tell you…..

Confidence is basically made up of about 7 characteristics which include: self-discipline, commitment, growth, renewal, balance, strengths, and limitations. So, let’s go over each one:

Self-discipline is basically about creating limits for yourself and having boundaries. As a teen sometimes, you may feel invincible or that you can conquer the world without suffering or do whatever you want without consequences. This just simply is not true. We all have limits to what we can do and it would serve you well to carve out some time to make sure you discipline yourself. Know what things will warrant a yes and what you will say no to. Start by understanding your weaknesses and embracing your strengths. Focus on your strengths but know that you are not wired to do everything or have it all. This attitude will help you feel better about yourself and you can reveal yourself to the world with self-control and discipline.

Commitment is about follow through and making sure you do what you say you were or are going to do and stick to it. So basically, it’s about keeping your word. Your word is powerful because if you stick to it people will trust you more, they will depend on you to do what you say you are going to do. Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t or won’t break commitments; life happens and sometimes we cannot do what we said we were going to do. However, if you commit to something stick to it and your confidence will soar.

Growth is about blooming as a person. We all have to grow outwardly from a baby, to a teen to an adult and then on to senior-hood. But what about growing from the inside out? Some of us can remain stuck in a rut if we do not water our own inner seeds. Personal development, getting to know yourself, correcting your behavior, learning from your mistakes by not repeating them, being honest and trustworthy, respecting others, and being open-minded are all ways to grow in life. Otherwise, you will be stuck and that means you can’t move forward outwardly nor inwardly. If a plant is not watered it won’t grow so why would you not water yourself with the above concepts?

Renewal is kind of like the spinoff of growth. When you grow from something and advance to a different and higher stage or state of being in your life you are basically renewing yourself. So, change some things that you did last year that are not working for you anymore. Take advantage of New Year’s not necessarily to make a bunch of resolutions that you won’t stick to but think of ways you can renew your mind. Sign up for a new class, learn something new, take a chance and learn something new about yourself, challenge yourself to a game or trivia that you shied away from before, make a new friend, travel somewhere you have never been before, try a new food.

Renewal will surely add to your confidence, plus you will have plenty to talk about when you socialize with others.

Balance is pretty much about keeping things in perspective. If you work make sure you take time to play too. If you spend your mornings doing chores before school, spend your evenings doing something fun. Eat balanced meals so you can be healthier and in tip top shape to take on any academic or scholastic tasks. Avoid greediness and do everything in moderation because this will help you appreciate what you have and delay gratification. Practice balance and you will feel more confident about who you are.

Strengths are just that, your strong points. What are you strong at? Are you great at writing, do you figure out puzzles and brain teasers easily, are you a quick learner, can you sing well, do you retain information that you read, do you like to help people, are you a good cook? Accentuate those things and do what you are strong at and then challenge yourself and try something that you may be weak at to add to your strengths. Your self-esteem will improve and your confidence will soar.

Lastly, is limitations. We discussed this earlier when we were talking about self-confidence. Know your limits. Don’t try to do it all and be a supergirl or superboy. You can be your best, give it your all, push yourself, take some risks, do something you thought you couldn’t do all without overdoing it and trying to be better than everyone else. Put some limits on yourself because if you don’t you will burnout and you may end up doing something you might regret later. You can also get yourself in trouble if you try too hard to be someone else or make yourself out to be something you are not. You were designed to do what God intended you to do, you can’t be anyone else because you don’t have their brain or their name, so know your limits and you will feel more confident.

So, there you have it. Make over your self-esteem by putting on the attitude of confidence. Practice the above characteristics as much as you can. Discover who you really are, what you can do, and then present that person to the world in the most positive light as possible. I guarantee you that your confidence will be at a healthy level and walking into that room full of people…well, honey, you can do it with your head held high and a big smile on your face, because you know who you are and you aren’t afraid to tell the world about it!

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