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Brand Ambassador Buddies (BAB)

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BAB's are Brand Ambassador Buddies. In order to live in a harmonized and peaceful, united and collaborative business world we need to support each other. Competition is everywhere and greed and theft is an epidemic in the business world. So, I want to create a camaraderie-ship with like-minded business owners that are service oriented and desire to give back to their world. So, with my many viewers, followers, supporters and clients I want to give any business owner struggling to get business or just want more connections and more exposure an opportunity blast my brand so I can blast yours. That is what we are here for to help one another out and support all missions that have a purpose to help and heal in every way, shape and form.  Business owners I have partnered with can share their expertise, insight, advice, services, programs and products with the world using my growing reach. This is a shared platform and I welcome your brilliance. What is your business about? Tell the world using my Pinterest board and connections. Here we will be blasting each other's brands and sharing how we can support each other to create more business and merge our services to gain more clientele and serve the world!


Our CEO Cicely Majeed was also a SCORE mentor, which means she is credentialed and certified to mentor and advise business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world. You can request mentorship from Cicely personally if you prefer not to become a member or you can reap the full benefits of membership and mentorship through BAB. If you choose not to become a member and want to get her exceptional business acumen coaching via SCORE then feel free to test the waters that way and then come and become a BAB member here! You will see a section on the form when you scan the QR code below with options about which areas of business you would like to be mentored!

FYI! If you become a Rainbow Red Bridge Partner (click for more info)  then your BAB membership is free for life! Just choose one of the 18 ways you want to partner with us and you will be contacted with further information about BAB membership, which includes your own login to our BAB membership portal, connections to other Business Owners and all of the other delicious fixings that come with being a BAB member!

Check out our Pinterest Boards here!

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Become A BAB Member!

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You've seen the webinar now it's time to get on board and get access to a ton of resources and connections you may not have had access to before. Let's work together for camaraderie, effective service in the world, and a universal connection to move the business world forward!


What's in it for you? Glad you asked. We want to help you with your business and blast your brand too. So, tit for tat is the name of the game. You scratch our back and we will scratch yours. Our CEO Cicely Majeed is very resourceful and has a ton of connections to help you get started on the right "business" foot. She also can give you a presence and more exposure on Pinterest where we are currently at over 1,000,000 viewers and followers and climbing. That means in addition to your own marketing efforts you get this too:

























And more....












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Once you register and become a member you will receive a link to take our Business Needs Assessment so we know exactly what your business building needs are and in what areas you are lacking resources. Don't miss out on a grand opportunity to make your business shine! Sign up now! 


If you were not able to attend the webinar you can get the updated recording later this month. Stay tuned!

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If you would to become a regular Brand Ambassador scan the QR code below and sign up now! Get tons of benefits and incentives just for blasting our brand!

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