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Rainbow Red Bridge Partnership


"Together We Can Take It Higher" by Sia

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With the Lyrics

As you know we are partnered with Career Edge to contribute to our youth clients career and educational success through THINKHigher Spirit Academy and SCORE, which is the nation's largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors. They have helped more than 11 million small business owners since 1964. This is a great opportunity for me to mentor business owners and help them build a successful business and move their drawing board forward especially for BAB members. I am honored to be considered a business expert by SCORE. Now, I have  created my own RUP Partnership called the Rainbow Red Bridge Partnership.

The Rainbow stands for harmony and all the personality characteristics of God who came as Jesus to spread love and the gospel of Christianity (these are the hearts and personalities I am looking to partner with), which is the foundation of RUP, the Red is for passion and strength (which is what all business owners and anyone needs to keep moving forward and climb instead of perish), and the bridge part is the cohesive partnership that brings alignment with like-minded individuals encouraged by what RUP stands for, and hungry to join the journey and mission to guide youth to excellence. We can bridge any divides we all have between us and work together for one cause. Together we can take it higher and move mountains on this planet for change in the right direction. 

You can become a partner and walk over the bridge with me to make sure change happens now and in the future for all of our youth because they are our future. Partnership will award you Exposure, Status, Reputation, Connection, Internal Rewards, Accomplishment, Benevolence, Commitment and an opportunity to contribute to the RUP mission with your innovative ideas, and you will be marked as a contributor to youth wellness and youth excellence. Remember, they are our future and will be taking care of us when we are old and gray and I know you want that silver streak in your life to be smooth sailing and peaceful. So become a partner now!  

If you own a business your logo will be placed here with your level of partnership. In addition,  your photo will be placed on our Business Pinterest board for Partnership along with your level of partnership! If you are a celebrity your status will certainly go up as a role model for our youth generation. If you are an individual and you do not fit either of these labels you still can become a partner and assist me with my mission for youth. I also invite government officials, leaders in the community, youth that want to inspire and motivate their peers, and anyone that loves RUP and you want to contribute to our cause in some way. Check out Sia's song "Together" above (the video and the lyrics). You are invited! Partner with us! Because, Together, We Can Take It Higher............


Here are the ways you can contribute: (click the purple button below)

You can scan fill out the short form below to get more information!

If you are interested in a Committee Partnership Leadership Role click on the purple button to view the roles and then apply for an interview here!

**You automatically get a free BAB membership when you become a partner if you are a business owner or entrepreneur ready to start a business!**

**RUP Sponsorship - every paid membership sponsor or RRBP partnership sponsors a free one for a low-income youth client**

Fill out this short form to get started with your partnership!

Your Information

Thanks for your interest! I will be in touch shortly with the next step!

This is a brand new partnership so we need to fill the leadership roles seen on the Rainbow Red Bridge Partnership Opportunities document above (click on purple button). Red Prez basically means the president of that committee or partnership. Once you have expressed interest in leadership you will be assigned to whatever Rainbow colored Prez role that is available above with your actual photo, name and email address for contact and be responsible for guiding and leading all partners under that specific partnership (9 leaders needed). If you are interested in a leadership role please contact CEO Cicely Majeed via email @ by text or contact her on her Business WhatsApp Account! Thank you!

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