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Contestant's Registration


So you want to be a contestant for Rainbow Universe Pageants, huh....I knew it! Well, what are you waiting for. Click the Registration buttons below or use the "Subscribe" tiered boxes and fill out the form and get registered right away for any of our upcoming pageants. See our "pageants" page for more information about upcoming pageants. We have pre-pageant workshops to prepare you for competition, awesome prize packages for our winners, gift bags just for competing, luncheons, dinners, mixers, parties, retreats, an amazing line up of appearance opportunities for title winners, fabulous sashes and crowns/tiaras, and a sweet post production membership program to further your personal development and obtain extra resources to live an excellent life. So...go ahead, register below and we will contact you with a welcome email and more information! Can't wait to meet ya!


Once you are registered you can pay your sponsor based fee using one of the widgets below. Just choose which pageant you are competing in.

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Become an Angel Rainbow Member and register for six mini pageants in advanced for the discounted price of $200. That means you get two registration fees waived (2 free).


View our Package Deal Below!

About Online & Mini Pageants

Rainbow Universe Pageants is all about innovation so that means you don't always have to be present to compete in one of our pageants and they aren't all actual productions. Sometimes, we like to make things more fun and more convenient for youth that want to be contestants that just can't get here to compete. Or, we like to produce as many pageants as we can on an annual basis and that means cutting out the middle man (you know venues, travel, and set up for a magnificent pageant production). Hey, we can still have a magnificent pageant without a production and that is where our online pageants come to surface. Our monthly mini pageants are all online only and that makes it easier for you to register and compete. Here are the details:


1. Call us so we can chat and hear your beautiful voice or text "I Am Royalty" to 805-259-1170.

 2. Fill out your handy dandy application - instructions come after we chat by phone or after we receive your registration or text.

3. Sign your agreement - must be done before you can compete.

4. Receive further instructions of your specific requirements for online competition.

5. Connect with other contestants and then find out if you are a winner later!

*For Specialty Pageants do not click the "Subscribe" button - you can register for free at the "mint green" colored link below!

Yep, that's it, not that complicated, huh. Easy peasy! I know right! Great, then what are you waiting for hit us up, we are expecting to hear from you...was that the phone?.....

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