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At RUPYS we love to have fun and that means events galore throughout the year for you and our clients to have a blast. We have our three levels of pageant productions (preliminaries throughout the year, State pageant in July or August, Specialty pageants, RUP7,  and Nationals in October), we have productions and major events through Butterfly Wings Productions, we have mixers, parties, poetry slams, dance shows, funshops (workshops), watch parties, fashion shows, movie screenings, open call sessions, new memberships, singing concerts, monologues and more!  We want you there so make sure you revisit this page periodically to stay informed about what exciting events we have coming up! We also post our events on our social media pages above - just click our icons and connect with us so you don't miss a thing and you can grab your tickets, get ready to snap some photos and have unforgettable moments as part of the RUPYS Lovin' Fun Crew! 


New! Now you can Text us your RSVP for your event of choice!

Jolly June Youth Activities

Kicking' It Chill Tuesday

Pageant Idea Club 

Life Skills FunShops

SnapChat Friday: Friendship Club

Rainbow Wings Franchise Meetup

Parental Consent: A Parent's Touch Meetup 

Mindful Mixer Mondays: Excellence (Image)

Friday Night Movie Night

Open Call Session 

Brain Spa: NLP Tips

Rainbow Masterminds Club 

Friday Focus Group

Circle of Love 

RainbowUP Comic Book Club

Monologue Mania

Rainbow Daze Craze

Instructions for RSVP texting:

  1. Choose your event or activity.

  2. Text "RSVP" and the name of the event or activity to (323) 863-5918

  3. Add your email address and you will receive a text confirmation and an email confirmation that you reserved a place for your event

  4. In 2 fun filled days you will receive full instructions by email of what you need to bring or what to expect during your event.

  5. That's it. See ya there! Questions? Hit us up...


Scan QR code to Register!

qr-code-for Marvelous May.png
Text us @323-863-5918 to enter the TikTok Pitch Contest!

Cultural Diversity Pageants

hispanic title winners.jpg

We are having our first ever cultural diversity pageant series throughout the year starting this year! Rainbow Universe Pageants is all about harmony, inclusion and diversity, therefore these pageants will serve as a reminder of how important it is to remember we are all in the same family living under the same Rainbow on one planet, so it is vital that we get along with each other and express love to one another regardless of race, creed, nationality, skin color, gender or sexual identity (we do not promote nor condone the LGBTQIA lifestyle, but we do love this community and will always accept them with open arms), so these pageants will create unity and display the beauty of the diversity that is on this planet. Deets about our first Diversity pageant is coming soon!

cocoa beauty.jpg
male contestant.jpg

Featured Event Video Flyer!
2nd Annual Spring Fling Confidence Building Extravaganza!

Other Events/Activities

Here you will find flyers of our other events/activities that are not monthly pageant related! *All flyers are designed by our CEO Cicely Majeed!

Open Call Flyer!
Open call session.png
Speakers Club Flyer!
RainbowUP Speakers Mastermind Club flyer.png
The Face of RUP Flyer!
Friday Night Movie Night!
Friday Night Movie Night Flyer.png
Join Circle Of Love!
Circle of Love.png
Giveaway Thursday!
Giveaway Flyer.png
Join our Membership!
Join our memberships! flyer.png
Join our Rainbow Comic Book Club!
Rainbow Comic Book Club!.png
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