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Become A Contestant

Welcome Contestants and Potential Contestants! Our pageant production competitions are for boys, girls, young women & men ages 13-24. This is a unique pageant system as it caters to your inner beauty and not your external beauty. True, we want you to look and feel your best, however, we are more interested in improving your self-esteem and building your confidence and that starts from the inside.  When you feel good about who you are inside, it shows on the outside and that….is beautiful! We award prizes such as pamper packages, makeovers, gym and modeling memberships, trophies, sashes, crowns, tiaras, scholarships, and gift bags from several different sponsors filled with goodies, gift cards and merchandise.  We do not have a swimsuit competition because this is an inner beauty pageant system and that means modesty is key - so no bodies are on display!


Pageant Contestants are required to register, fill out an application, participate in pre-pageant workshops to prepare for competition, attend appearances prior to pageant and afterward for title winners, pay a sponsor based fee, complete a 7 day brain challenge, sign a contract, attend photo shoots and rehearsals, and participate in community service.


If you are interested in competing, our next pageant planned in California or online if you are from another state see our "Pageants" page. Here are the Requirements to compete:


  • All fees must be paid prior to competition – Sponsored-based fee is $150 for Preliminary, $250 for State, and $350 for Nationals

  • Monthly Mini and Online Pageants require a $50 registration fee

  • All contestants must attend all 8 pre-pageant workshops for State & National pageants and 1 combined for Preliminary pageants & online pageants

  • All contestants must attend at least one orientation

  • All applications and forms must be signed and filled out prior to any pageant (with parental consent and signatures)

  • Title winners must abide by their individual requirements during their reign

  • Must be between the ages of 13-24 (Jr. Miss/Mister is 13-15, Teen Miss/Mister is 16-19, and Young Adult Miss/Mister is 20-24) with the exception of the RUP7*17 Contestant (ages 7-17)

  • Must be enrolled in school at least half-time with a grade of C or better

  • Must be emancipated from any juvenile detention centers – clean of legal issues or in the process of resolving legal issues (with the exception of the RWW program - see below)

  • We accept youth from all walks of life (LGBTQIA, at-risk, developmentally disabled, mental health issues, previous incarcerated, underserved, low-income, prostitutes, previously trafficked, on probation, etc).

Do you want more information about how to become a Contestant?


View our presentation by scanning the  QR code and get the 411!

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Now you can Pitch 2 Win a title. Just scan the Indigo QR code below and that will take you to our Interview software where you will have a chance to answer 9 questions to pitch your platform and let us know you want a Rainbow title. You can also send in your own 3-5 minute video and wing it if you are that brave. Instructions come just before your questions so….come get your crown! 

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This is an old video when SHH's Cages 2 Wings club was a nonprofit. It's all about attitude which is very important if you want to be a contestant or win a crown and title! I encourage you to watch it!

Meet Some of our Past Contestants

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Rani Y.

Kenya H.

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Scan to view Scholarships & Prize Packages
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Scan QR code to register as a Potential Contestant
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Scan here to join us on Wednesday nights @ 7pm PST for Open Call Sessions - these are sessions to gain a ton of information about everything you need to know about competing as a contestant.

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Check out 10 celebrities that started out as pageant contestants and let it inspire you to get involved and compete!

Rainbows with wings program


Our Rainbows With Wings Pageant program is for youth that have been released from jail or juvenile hall or are within 2 weeks to a month of being released from jail or juvenile hall into probation supervision. We call them "Rainbows With Wings" because they are made from the image of God and God is the Rainbow. We give them wings to fly free from their cages of bondage. We have solid connections and partnerships with the LAPD, Los Angeles Probation Department and with the Re-entry Workforce Division for juvenile offenders. Our Juvenile Justice Liaison will interact with these youth while they are in custody, The program will be discussed and they will have the option to choose to sign up for the program or remain on traditional probation. Youth that sign up for this program will be registering for upcoming productions and mini pageants as a means for rehabilitation and to avoid recidivism and participate in restitution activities. Youth ex-offenders will have the same responsibilities and requirements as regular contestants but with more restrictions. All contestants that are a part of this program will be eligible for the same prize packages and scholarships. Our goal is to assist these youth with a criminal background with personal development, social and life skills and provide a healing and loving environment where they can thrive and continue to be exceptional and respectable citizens. You must be in the Los Angeles or Ventura county probation system as a probationer in order to enroll in this program (have your deputy probation officer (DPO) contact us by email or text Cicely directly @ 323-475-9926 to get more information)!


E'Viana L.

Karen M.

Imani L.

Karina B.

Nicey G.

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