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Circle of Love

Circle of Love is our community service platform where we make sure all of our employees, contestants, directors, and superheroes take part in some kind of service to give back to our planet and serve those most in need of love. This circle of love around the planet will open doors to a deeper spiritual connection with mankind and create a universal blast of love from hearts of all kinds! We have Circle of Love events on a monthly basis. Join our circle and serve your world!

Image by Tim Marshall

The Circle

A circle is a never ending shape that anyone and everyone can be connected to. Since it is never ending when we surround any circle with love that means our service of love will never end. The inner part of the circle is all of the things, efforts, ideas, actions, behaviors, attitudes that we commit to that circle to make it whole and consistent. If we start at the core and work our way outward the circle will always expand and the love we share will always be bonded....forever!

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Preliminary Service
Freedom to be able to read!

The fight for literacy is our Preliminary Platform cause. Research shows that there are many people in our country who are illiterate.  We believe that knowledge is power and to obtain knowledge you have to have the ability to read. This is essential as it opens doors for many who might not have the opportunity to thrive and grow. 

State Service Platform
National Service Platform
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Freedom from hunger!

Hunger is our State Platform cause because there are so many hungry people in our country and around the world. Our own people need to be fed and are dying every day from starvation. This shouldn’t be so we choose this as our cause as we collect goods and food to distribute to the homeless and those that do not have the means to buy or find food.

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Freedom for your rights!

Human Rights is our National Platform cause because we support the notion that all human beings have a right to freedom and the pursuit of happiness no matter their circumstances.  No one has the right to violate anyone’s human rights. The fifth amendment is for everyone member of mankind and should never be violated

Inspirational Videos about Service

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