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Cicely Majeed is the National Director and pageant coach for all contestants and title winners. She provides a strategic and comprehensive workshop and coaching program to prepare contestants for their possible reign as Queen, King, Prince or Princess. The following are the current title winners specifically selected to be a part of her Court and Rainbow Village! Congratulations Winners!

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All 2019/2020 Title Winners will be displayed on this page! You can view their bios, photo shoots and video interviews and information about all the exciting things they are using their platform for in the world. We will have more information about our winners of the year, their reign and appearance activities schedule and more photos in their sashes and crowns, so stay tuned!

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Kenya H. - Miss Ultimate Rainbow Queen 2020-2021 - photos/video/brain challenge coming soon!

Monthly Mini Pageant Winners photos and names coming soon!

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Karen Maimon - Miss Creative Rainbow


Check out Karen's Brain Challenge on Pinterest!

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Karen's Video Interview

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