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Get to know our CEO/National Director/Pageant Coach!

Cicely Majeed

Cicely has over 10 years experience as a Youth advocate for troubled and at-risk youth. She is a Behavior Therapist, Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Motivational Speaker and Brain Trainer specializing in Self-Esteem, Leadership, & Emotional Intelligence and Behavioral Metamorphosis. Her current project is in the process of launching this year called Sandalphon’s Heart and Home and includes the following clubs The Jesus Net, Butterfly Wings Productions, Cages 2 Wings, AngelBow Creative Designs, Hubble Bow Designs, and Rainbow Youth Wellness & Social Club. She is also the Founder/CEO, National Director and Pageant Coach for Rainbow Universe Pageants, an inner beauty pageant system for youth ages 13-24. To view more information about Cicely's credentials check her out on her social media pages to the right, or view her Business Portfolio to the right!

Founder/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

National Director

Pageant Coach

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Business Portfolio (coming soon)

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My Articles, Blogs, Videos, Books, Leadership Movements, & Youth Clubs/Workshops

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Areas of Expertise

Adolescent Brain Development

Psychology/Adolescent Psychology

Public Speaking (Motivational Speaker)


First Aid CPR AED Certified

Gender Diversity/Sensitivity



Spirituality (Christianity)

Fine Arts/Crafts

Emotional Intelligence/Mind Elevation

Behavior Therapy

Behavior Modification

Personal Development

Writing (Spoken Word Poetry)

Curriculum Design

Life Coaching/Pageant Coaching

Conflict Resolution



Cultural Diversity & Inclusion/Equality

Community Service

Mental Health

Youth Development/Sexuality

Sexual Assault Counselor

Career Development/Job Coach

Offender/Ex-Offender Specialist

Workforce Development for Justice-Involved Individuals

    -Ethics for Providers of Career Development Services

    -Assessment Instruments for Career Planning

    -Designing & Implementing Training 

    -Strategies to Lessen Barriers for Justice-Involved Individuals Entering the Workforce

    -Career Development Theory & Its Application

    -Using Computer Systems & Websites for Assistance


My Projects


Rainbows With Wings Program

A special program for re-entry youth on probation to rehabilitate from their crimes, do restitution activities and reduce the recidivism rate.

BAB & BAB Jr. Membership

Collaborative memberships for adult and youth entrepreneurs for partnerships and connections.

Sandalphon's Heart & Home Orphanage

A loving residential/transitional housing healing program for abused and homeless youth.

Rainbow Franchise Program

Branching RUP out globally for a greater reach with franchised sites.

Sexual Assault Counselor Hotline Volunteer

Counseling and providing resources to clients that have experienced a sexual trauma or domestic violence.

SCORE Volunteer Mentor

Mentoring up and coming business owners and entrepreneurs for SCORE.

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