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RainbowUP Clubhouse Membership

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A Bit About Membership

We have a FIVE unique membership programs for internal contestants, external contestants,  volunteers (superheroes), parents of contestants, and brand ambassadors or business owners we partner with or associate with to network and engage in fun and challenging activities, gather exclusive resources and tools for business growth or personal growth and to stay connected to our RainbowUP Village here at RUPYS.  See below for details about each membership and the associated webpage to sign up!


Contestants automatically become members when they register as a contestant. Click below and get details about guidelines and agreements, fill out the application, get benefit information. Membership offers you access to classes and workshops that cater to your personal development, prepare you for careers and jobs, prepare you for college, teach you life skills, and train your brain to operate at it’s optimum potential. Get freebies that only members have access to.  Don’t miss out on the fun activities that all contestants take part in.  It’s that simple!

Also, RainbowUP Clubhouse membership is a combination of all memberships (except for Brainy Pals which is for adults). If you want the benefits of all of our youth memberships join RainbowUP Clubhouse for a discounted fee and enjoy  all four! Scan the QR code for details and to sign up!

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Check the box next to "Rainbow Clubhouse Membership"

All of my Snapchat members and friends can now join my exclusive SnapChat Friendship Club. We snap on Fridays and I post what we will be snapping about. Starting this Friday we will be hanging out on Snapchat and doing friendship stuff like getting to know you activities, scavenger hunts, changing our bitmoji's together and doing a massive share, etc.  I also do Friendship Tip videos or stories here. Join us on snapchat now by clicking the yellow button above and if you are already a snapper with me you can join this club/group right on our SnapChat page (for youth 13-24)!

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You are special, you are important and here at RUP YSwe want to celebrate your VIP status. So, join our Birthday Club Membership and get a special birthday message delivered to you via email or text on your special day which will include your rising sign information (we need your time of birth to get the rising sign breakdown of your more accurate personality). Fill out the form below at the bottom of this page with your birthday information and tell us your birthday wish.

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This membership is for parents of contestants and volunteers (superheroes that are interested in assisting RUP with future goals and plans to advance RUP and take care of our contestants. BP's are mentors to encourage, motivate and inspire and make sure our youth clients are guided successfully and victoriously!

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This membership is for contestants that have competed in one of our pageants and are either in need of or want to be a part of our extended personal development services. BG&G is a great way to interact with ex-contestants and find your voice for excellence in your life. We also open membership for other contestants from other pageant systems - see our "Services and Programs" webpage for details about membership fees. RUPYS Contestants get free membership! Scan the QR code above to sign up!


This membership is for anyone interested in being a Brand Ambassador and blasting our brand and you also have your own business. This membership is a tit for tat membership where we blast your brand and you blast ours. In return not only do you get paid but you also get a ton of business resources and connections exclusively from our corner! Sign up on our "BAB" webpage!

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This membership is similar to BAB above but it's for youth ages 16-24 that are interested in starting their own business. Membership is only $1 a month and youth will be trained how to be a Boss while blasting our brand as Brand Ambassadors. The BYOB stands for Build Your Own Business and that's exactly what youth members will be doing. You will receive all of the tools and goodies, including access to capital and seed money to get your great idea of to a great start! Join now on our "BAB Juniors webpage!"