Rainbow Universe Pageants is a very unique and innovative pageant system. We don't just produce pageants, we cater to the personal development of youth ages 13-24. Our purpose and mission is to inspire and motivate them to excellence and that means we coach them to strive for a healthy level of self-esteem. Therefore, we provide five different types of services to support that goal. They are in the form of pageant productions, support from external sources and associates, memberships, workshops and life coaching, and a national franchise program for business savvy individuals seeking partnership and connection with RUP. You can get a brief overview of each service we provide here. Then click on our Infographic to get detailed information about each service. Lastly, we want to make sure we are open about the costs of our services. Therefore, you will find a complete price list so you are prepared ahead of time with knowledge of what you are purchasing and how much you need to spend to purchase it. We offer the utmost superb customer and client service and our staff are trained to provide you with support, answers and guidance as you navigate our website and support our mission.


Featured Program:

RUP Franchise!

If you are interested in partnering with us and supporting our brand, and you are a youth advocate looking to build your own business, then look no further. Franchising an RUP business is what you are looking for. We have a very lucrative and exciting franchise program that I know you will want to get your hands on right away. Get more details by clicking on our "Infographic" button and when you are ready click on our RUP Franchise Program webpage to register for a free consultation and a franchise prep checklist.


This special pageant program is for youth that are incarcerated and about to be released into the supervision of probation. Youth will have the option to compete in pageants while learning social skills, life skills and personal development skills as a means for rehabilitation and for overall excellence in life. See our "Contestants" page for more information.

Rainbows With Wings Program

What We Do









We have four levels of participation and competition: Preliminary Pageants, Online Pageants, State Pageants, and National Pageants. Each level has a different number of activities and prize packages

We reach out to businesses and youth advocates to support our mission, values, vision, and goals. That support comes in the form of sponsorship, vendors, superheroes (volunteers), partnerships & directors.

We have a unique pageant system that consists of five different types of memberships. They include Brainy Gals & Guys for previous contestants, Brainy Gals & Guys for external youth, Brainy Pals for parents of contestants & volunteers, BAB & BAB/BYOB Jr.

Our contestants are required to participate in pre-pageant workshops that prepare them for competition &  post production. We also have coaching & image consulting to make sure our clients are ready for anything  &  compete with confidence.