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Need Pageant Coaching?


This is my  first pageant competition  what do I  need to know? What do I wear to my interviews? How should I stand or walk on stage? Where do I put my hands? What if I don't know what to say? What if I forget my words for the song I am singing for the talent competition? How do I avoid or deal with stage fright? How can I prepare for not winning? What do I do once the pageant is over? Where do I shop for pageant clothing and accessories? How do I handle winning with maturity and grace? How do I want the world to see me? How do I see myself? Is that good enough? Is this who I want to be? Sound familiar? Of course it does....I know, I have been there, so I get it and I can answer all of those questions in 7 coaching sessions just for you! Or if you prefer, let's get you all set up for a bomb image that is all about the real you - sign up for Image Consulting below! Let me show you how to wear your metaphorical crown and wear it well......

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Win that title!

I am not just a National Director and CEO, I am also an innovative Pageant Coach for any contestants of RUP or any contestants that happen to stumble upon our website and you are competing in another pageant system. I can coach you to excellence on the road to that coveted title. From preparing your attitude to preparing you for interviews and tons of attention, as Fairy God Mother Cicely, I can wave my magic wand and transform you into the golden contestant you strive to be, and lead you down that narrow path to hopefully win the title.  Image consulting is also for any youth or young adult who is ready to put your best foot forward, hone your image and live the live you desire to live. You won't get a better coaching deal or experience! So look no further I have the other glass slipper you have been dreaming about. Get more details and sign up for 7 sessions or get a complimentary session before you pay - click the buttons below!

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Pageant Coaching Packages

Red Bow Package

Single contestant - $47 per hour

Green Bow Package

External single contestant or youth client- $77 per hour

Blue Bow Package

Group contestants - $147 per hour (4 or more)

Pink Bow Package

External group contestants $177 per hour

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Coaching session prices are on a per Hour Basis!

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Session Breakdown

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Our Coaching Packages

All coaching is provided online via a webinar/workshop/one-on-one session! If you desire in person sessions just let us know!

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