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Become A Vendor!


Interested in being a vendor at one of our pageants? Are you looking to obtain more clients or leads for your business? Then our pageants are the perfect place to add to your clientele list, plus you will have opportunities to network with the media and possible legends and leaders that could put you and your business in the spotlight. It would be great to have you on board as a vendor for our pageants. This will be a great vendor opportunity for you to meet prospective customers. As a vendor you would be supporting a very great cause for at-risk, underserved, LGBTQIA, and other youth.


Typically our pageant contestants range in number from 25-40 contestants, which will include their family members so you will have plenty of people that you may want to meet and build a new clientele list.


Currently you have four options:



program book ads.jpg

Put your business card in our program book to advertise your business.

Get a half page ad space in our program book to add more information about your business which can include a tag line, motto, special offer, discount or coupon and of course your logo and website displayed.

half page ad.jpg

Get a  full page ad space in our program book to add more information about your business which can include a tag line, motto, special offer, discount or coupon and of course your logo and website displayed.

full page ad1.jpg

Set up a table with your merchandise, flyers, sign up sheets or whatever business materials you choose to display.


You are also welcome to sponsor one of our contestants for any amount, and in this case I would have them contact you directly for ad space. Once our list of contestants is released you can choose the contestant you would like to sponsor or if you have  a family member or friend that is a contestant and you want to support their competition you can do that as well. Or, you can donate products to add to their gift/goodie bags.


You can also put an ad on our website for free or list your website address on our site and sponsor our pageant system. I would love to connect with you and build a long time relationship with you for my pageants and events.

If you are interested in being a vendor, all you need to do is scan the QR code below and fill out the form to apply, then choose your level of participation and make your payment. We will then contact you with further details. You can view all of our upcoming pageants on our "Events" webpage. You can pay your vendor fee when you register here now or pay it later, but no later than one month before the pageant date. If you have questions prior to registering or payment contact the National Director Cicely Majeed @


We also have a Rainbow Vendor's Club for business owners or Independent Contractors/Distributors for other companies like Paparrazzi Accessories. The vendor's club will keep you connected to our pageant system, open doors for you to connect with other vendors to network and maybe partnership later, and open doors  for freebies and access to a wider range of clientele more so than if you were to become a one time event vendor. Benefits include:


-First access to all upcoming events

-Discounts on fees

-Opportunities for free vendor sign ups and registrations

-RUP merchandise bulk purchase (we will purchase a bulk of your items for our contestants)

-Free BAB membership (see our BAB webpage for more information)

-Free ad space after 4  fully registered and paid for events (you must show up and complete your vendor opportunity) - ad space will be on our website, our Pinterest page and our Pot O' Gold Newsletter/Magazine.


Who would want to miss out on that! Sign up now, membership club fee is only $25 a month or you can pay annually for $275 (that's a $25 discount). Click the "Pink" button below and fill out the form and we will contact you with your membership credentials and access to our Vendors Portal.  If you choose to sponsor a contestant your Vendor Club membership fee is waived. When you sponsor a contestant for State or Nationals we will match your sponsor amount by purchasing  your products that total the same amount. For instance, if you sponsor a State contestant for $250, we will purchase $250 of your product.  The product we purchase will be used in one or all of the following ways:


- Donated to a Domestic Violence Shelter

- Donated to a Homeless Shelter

- Donated to a low-income youth services organization

- Added to the Grab Bags for our Contestans

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